More Room at lower costs.
ergowheel® tyre racks.

ergowheel® tyre rack - more storage capacity. Professional tyre storage.
Quick, efficient and cost-saving - The most ergonomic tyre rack ever.

Can your tyre rack do this?

Store up to 40% more tyres
amortised after 2 years
no damage to customers' wheels = satisfied customers
simplified storage and removal
incredibly efficient when combined

gewe ergowheel®.
Tyre storage brought to perfection.

We guarantee you the best possible utilisation of your storage space. After 2 years already, investment costs for the tyre rack are recouped and and customer complaints due to damaged wheel sets are a thing of the past. Improved ergonomics keeps employees satisfied and provides simplified storage and removal at peak times. gewe rgowheel® provides maximum space utilisation and capacity gains through a rack composite. Benefit from our 30 years of experience now and schedule a free consultation.

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Finally we are able to use our storage space more efficiently and store more wheels. Through horizontal storage on roller tracks, the user can easily store and remove wheels.That brings us satisfied employees and since the wheels are stored on their hard-wearing backside, they are protected from damages and customer complaints are virtually impossible.

Fast and ergonomic handling.

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